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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NokiaTattoo that vibrates when you have a phone call

For the Nokia site:

The ferromagnetic material vibrates in a multitude of ways when a message, phone call, low battery indication or several other alerts are received by the tattoo from a Nokia phone. The magnetic field can cause of multitude of different vibrations!

The magnetic mark can however remain invisible, making it more appealing to people who don’t want to visibly mark their body with a tattoo. I know I’m not a tattoo person so this would appeal to me, but each to their own! Wait, there is more….

The tattoo also acts as a form of identity. Yes, could this be the end of passports?! Maybe not, but it does mean that I would no longer need to type a password into my phone. I AM THE PASSWORD!! If I happened to be walking around blissfully unaware that my pocket was flapping open on a busy street and someone saw the opportunity to steal my phone, I would be over the moon that they couldn’t access it without a small marking on my arm!

You can also read this article from the LA Time to find out more.,0,1546481.story

Thanks to Jim Wilsterman for sending this info

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