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Friday, March 30, 2012

Art and Science needs a venue or sponsor

The Bronowski Art and Science Forum and almost 40 other arts organizations may be looking for a new home as.the Neurosciences Institute (NSI) was stepping out of its lease. These programs were funded by Performing Arts Program through it’s Minding the Arts event. The building is going back to the The Scripps Research Institute on Oct 1.. Stacy Rosenburg, their spokesperson says they will be asking for $1500 for each event rental and that her organization focuses on science, not the arts. She seems to have missed the point entirely that the arts and their creativity are the new economic driver for the sciences. She states "…. biomedical research is our mission, and we have to guard our resources." This short term thinking is one of the the things holding back San Diego from taking its rightful place as a city of innovation.

If you know of a venue in La Jolla or a sponsor to fund the Bronowski Art and Science Forum, please contact Ron Newby

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