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Friday, July 8, 2011

Jonathan Glasier

Our Member, Jonathan Glasier is in Berlin for the "Political Patterns" international exhibit at the IFA Gallerie ( Gallery of Foreign and International Arts and Culture) which is a German State sponsored gallery that has existed in Berlin for past 20 years. The Dulcimoon Harp is an 87 string employing scales from Aztec, Tang Dynasty (Chinese), and Arab Cultures. Jonathan says that he has taken some liberties with the tuning. The harp is played by the public with a 4´x5´ screen designed by head Artist Doris Bittar, which is pulled across the instrument creating melodies as the attached plectrum strikes the strings. Some of you may have seen the instrument as it was displayed at the California Center for the Arts in the "Leveled" exhibit last year from August 14th to the end of the year. Doris also designed the pattern of the instrument which was constructed by master woodworker Patrick Edwards. Jonathan created the acoustic sound and tuning design. Jonathan's performance was Thursday July 07.

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