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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Art Meets Medicine: Surgeons Carry Out First Synthetic Windpipe Transplant 'tailor made trachea & two main bronchi made of glass'

Professor Paolo Macchiarini from Italy...

"Thanks to nanotechnology, this new branch of regenerative medicine, we are now able to produce a custom-made windpipe within two days or one week.

"This is a synthetic windpipe. The beauty of this is you can have it immediately. There is no delay. This technique does not rely on a human donation."

Scientists at University College London were able to craft a perfect copy of a trachea and two main bronchi out of glass.

San Diego scientist and web designer, Terry Williams, introduced this article. He began thinking about medical ‘art’ as an interesting ‘science’ and asked me questions that I’d like to share with our audience: Presented with this achievement and how it was done, how would artists portray their feelings? Science overcoming disease, regeneration, conquest of death or at least holding it at bay for awhile become interesting constructs. How do artists use knowledge of cells and biochemistry to recreate vital organs? How would artists work with this knowledge and what would they create? How does an artist portray precision knowledge and microscopic technique?

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  1. Thanks for posting this Thomine. Amazing achievement and you pose interesting questions.


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