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Monday, May 12, 2014

SciArt Magazine

There is a magazine dedicated to the combination of art and science. SciArt

Here is the statement by the editor: Julia Buntaine

Art and science have long shared a common ground; the ground of boundless inquiry about the nature of our existence. It has only been for the past few decades, however, that artists have turned their eye to the sciences as their sole source of artistic information, inspiration, and conceptualization. SciArt, or science-based art, is a quickly growing movement in the art world, with an increasing number of artists who hold doctorate degrees in the sciences, who are funded by the National Science Foundation, and who hold artistic residencies in scientific institutions such as CERN.     With science-based art having a strong presence in the UK and Berlin contemporary art scenes, I began to wonder: why it is that the SciArt community in the United States is barely established? Although SciArt is certainly happening in America, it remains scattered. I want to fix this. As a science-based artist myself, I see community as essential to our success because the methods, challenges, materials and goals of science-based art are new and unique, lying in uncharted art historical territory. It is through this online publication, featuring science-based art events, spaces, artists and conversations that I want to bolster science-art in America.


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