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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

STEAM Connect Ascend Conference 2014 at Qualcomm

We are happy now to report on the STEAMConnect Ascend Conference presented on March 28 at Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall.. Video One The opening performances by Zori Tinker and Eastlake High School Dance Team was outstanding and well worth watching. The emcee Alex Kajitani was the” rapping mathematician”, STEAMConnect co-founders are Kim Richards and Dr. Edward Abeyta, and there were various messages from Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox, Reps Susan Davis, Scott Peters, and Sen. Carol Liu, as well as a first ever co-presentation by Chris Roe, CA STEM Learning Network, and Craig Watson, CA Arts Council. Research Updates Video Two led by Dr. M.A. Greenstein, George Greenstein Institute, and panelists included Dr. John Iversen, UC San Diego; Lauren Widney, San Diego Youth Symphony; Carol LaFayette, SEAD; and Dennis Doyle, Collaborations: Teachers and Artists (CoTA). Quality Criteria Video Three Discussion on STEM and STEAM criteria led by Pat Wayne, Arts Orange County, and panelists included Denise Grande, Los Angeles County Arts Commission; Heather Lattimer, University of San Diego; John Spiegel, San Diego County Office of Education; and Ellen Peneski, San Diego Science Alliance and San Diego STEM Collaboratory. Creative Collaborations Video Four Discussion on STEAM led by Anne Bown-Crawford, CREATE CA, and panelists included Ed Hidalgo, Qualcomm; and Shari Asplund, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Molly Kelton, CRMSE/InforMath; Nan Renner, Art of Science Learning (Innovation Incubator); Brent Bushnell, STEAM Carnival/Two Bit Circus.

Here is session three which gives you an update on the Innovation Incubator project in San Diego.


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