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Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Ways of Seeing and Knowing by Patricia Frischer

DataRemix: Designing The Datamade Through ArtScience

Ruth West just presented this data remix paper at IEEE VIS Arts Program (VISAP), Atlanta, Georgia, October 2013 the full paper is available on line

Visual artists are comfortable with collage and ready mades and over the years have gained an audience for these works which combine disparate objects to generate new meanings. In the music word this process is called remix or mashup. Using a computer to aid in this process , we use tools like copy and paste. In fact, every one who uses copy and paste is in fact, remixing. 

Ruth West (one of the judges for the DNA of Creativity project, and her colleagues (Roger Malina, John Lewis, Member, IEEE, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Alejandro Borsani, Brian Merlo, and Lifan Wang ) are attempting to use scientific data in this way. They are calling this "datamix" generated art "datamades".

The goal is to encourage the scientific community that usually relies on feasibility through reproducibility to throw caution to the wind and see what happens if arbitration is embraced. The hope is that the results will have one big advantage that the arts can claim and that is relevance to an audience. 

Please read the entire article for extensive explanation of their whole process.  We would love to hear your comments and observations on this subject 

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