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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pigs Bladder Football

Leave it to the Brits. Pig bladders have for centuries been used in the manufacturing of sports equipment. Light, solid, and stretchable, they made perfect airtight membranes inside the first footballs. Artist John O'Shea is now going back to this traditional method, fusing it with cutting-edge biotechnology to create the first football made with a pig bladder entirely grown in a lab..Commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival and funded by the Wellcome Trust, Pigs Bladder Football was inspired by the first successful transplant of a bioengineered organ, a urinary bladder, in 2006. August 30-September 7, 2012, CUBE (Centre for the Urban Built Environment), Manchester; Abandon Normal Devices Festival, August 29 – September 2, 2012, throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, and Cumbria.

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