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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 31, 2012 DNA of Creativity Meeting notes

Dear DNAers,

I wanted to give you an update about our last meeting on May 31st. It was was attended by 26 enthusiastic and energetic DNAers. Each of the four teams made a small presentation and received their grant.

Batt App (a smart phone app to locate local arts events with an augmented reality component)

Changing Oceans (project featuring  climate change, pollution and dwindling fish populations)

Urban Succession (preserving wild life in urban settings)

PolyAesthetic Mapping (a structure to think about the collaborations that artists and scientist experience). 

Ruth West gave a fascinating talk on art/science collaboration strategies. Darwin Slindee spoke on team formation, responsibilities, meeting formulas and conflict resolution, reminding us that the energy of conflict is better than apathy! Hand out sheets are available on on the website (About-Educataion) for both presentations. Several people commented that these presentations were very helpful in  many ways. We are intending to mentor the teams through the process of collaboration as much as possible and will stay in close touch with team leaders. 

The video of the meeting will be posted on at the bottom of this page or you can access it right now on this link.

Teams will be adding members and so if you are interested in any of the teams do let us know.

In our next stages, we are encouraging all the teams to create websites. These will be linked on and you can get updates of events and team progress on that site.

PS. Watch for a small article on the Batt App and DNA of Creativity in City Beat on June 7. We were also contacted by the NEA who are planning to post an interview about DNA of Creativity on their facebook page!

We look forward to hearing from many of you often.
Patricia Frischer

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