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Friday, February 10, 2012

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  1. This newsletter has awhole list of resources of people doing art and science related projects so make sure and check it out.

    Arthur I. Miller, author on art-science; nature of creative thinking
    ~ Eva Lee, drawings, digital prints, animations; micro/macro, neuroscience
    ~ Rachel Mayeri, primates, video installation, animation, behavioral science
    ~ Susan Alexjander, bioMusic, frequencies of nature, composer
    ~ Joanne Seale, live video, craft, biology, botany
    ~ Philip Schofield [University of Newcastle/ Australia], painting; concepts of contemporary biology
    ~ Nicola Triscott [The Arts Catalyst], UK art-science agency
    ~ Eric Staller, interactive/kinetic sculpture, performance, conference bicycle http://www.ericstaller.comFeb.16, 2014
    ~ Shel Neymark, glass sculpture inspired by bio & physical processes


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