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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Microtonal Music

Microtonal composer Harry Partch (above) was a Regents professor at UCSD during its inception year 1967 - I was his assistant at that time. His visionary concepts helped to shape my life . His 'just intonation' method was inspired by the Greeks and was scientifically based on the harmonic series, with the intervals based on integer ratios.  

I would like to share a website that may introduce you to the field of microtonal music. This is John Starrett's website which is a great source of information on microtonal music.  Here Other interesting sites are my site Here  and Joe Monzo's site Here


  1. Wow...I love this! I am an artist and am researching art, sound, math and the patterns made by music. These are great resources.


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