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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wade Davis on Endangered cultures

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  1. Amazing talk. It seems the central challenge to a world with a population of billions + is not to become homogenous or to embrace ALL aspects of each culture, but to reduce each cultures tendency toward cruelty and abuse which seems to be endemic to all culture including monolithic technological culture. We need to eliminate or reduce cruelty not diversity because cruelty can not be sustained in such a populous world without eventual disaster. If it is not hateful it should not be opposed no mater how strange it is and if it is hateful it should be opposed no matter who espouses it. Before we work on the culture of someone else we should attend to our own culture which is closer and which we know more about. A culture which would build a hydrogen bomb probably rates top of the line for hatred and cruelty so perhaps all machine based society need do is work on its own travesties and perhaps others will then be inspired by example to work on theirs.


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