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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bumper crop of links

After attending the Full Steam Ahead meeting at Art Expression Gallery this week, we have a bumper crop of new links to share.

One of discussion points was the definition of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). We now see it more clearly as a placeholder for the idea of interdisciplinary combinations of art and science. That goes under many names and John Eger tackles another in this article for the Huffington Post.

Edward Abeyta, director of Student and Client Services at UCSD has a team working to compile a resource called Steam Manifesto similar to this one and it is worth checking out and following.

Here is some interesting statistics on how the Arts in STEM contributes to the economy.

Dr. Francis X. Kane is quoted here, "Of the two million U.S. Arts jobs requiring significant technology proficiency: 10% are architects; 11% are fine artists, art directors and animators; 7% are producers and directors; and 7% are photographers. The products of these disciplines represent 6.4% of the U.S. economy and over $126 billion annually in revenue from foreign trade." In this same article he mentions TEAM-STEM. Read the whole article on the SteamManifesto site:

SDVAN presented a special tour of
Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration including Virtual Reality installation for the StarCAVE with special guest Tom DeFanti, Director of Visualization and Senior Research Scientist at Calit2. Trish Stone was our tour Director and is the Gallery Coordinator at Atchinson Hall,. UCSD. Kira Carrillo Corser took a group photo of us all while we were there along with some wonderful images.

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