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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Press for DNA of Creativity project

We are very pleased to list the press generated by our DNA of Creativity project. You still have time to see the show at OMA and we love to invite you to
PAMM Art and Science - Tuesday, June 17, 7- 8:30pm, DNA of Creativity PechaKucha Lecture with presentation by the team leaders.. The lecture will begin and end with a PAMM microtonal performance and Photoscopia demonstration.

SD Business Journal, Does Business Need Art and Science to be Innovative? Kira Corrilla Coser, page B38,May 25,2014 Artists, Scientists and Educators Collaborate: "DNA of Creativity" Exhibition at OMA Shares Their Work Art Scene by Cathy Breslaw, May 2014
Five Sizzling Exhibits: Oceanside Museum of Art presents an eclectic mix
La Jolla Light and Picked RAW Peeled
by Lonnie Burstein Hewitt,m, May 2014
DNA of Creativity , Sea Changes: Act at Museum of Monterey
Picked Ripe
by Patricia Frischer, May 2014
Coast News, Fusion of Art and Science in innovative exhibition by Kay Colvin, April 10, 2014
Voice of San Diego, Culture Report: Creative DNA and NCVII and SD Art Prize by Alex Zaragoza, April 8, 2014
SD City Beat DNA of Creativity grant fuses arts with science by Kinsee Morlan, April 7, 2014
San Diego Travel, DNA of Creativity at OMA, San Diego Travel, April, 2014
Pacific San Diego Magazine, Art Beat by Amy T. Granite, April 2014
Press Release, DNA of Creativity
April, 2014
Press Release, DNA of Creativity , March 2014
Union Tribute, Art, science and the ‘DNA of Creativity’
by Jim Chute, Dec 19, 2013
The Reader,
"Sea Changes: Act" coral regeneration project shows signs of life, by Ian Pike, Dec 14, 2013
Voice of San Diego,The Culture Report: Creating Coral from Glass Art by,
Dec 9, 2013
Press Release, DNA of Creativity, Nov 2013
Sea Change Panel on Entrepreneurial Success, Photo album, June 6, 2013
Press Release, DNA of Creativity May 2013
Coast News and Rancho Santa Fe New: Saving the Ocean Through Art, Kay Colvin, Oct, 2012
Linking Artists and Scientists: Getting Down to the Basics of Creativity by Whitney Dail of the National Endowment for the Arts , June 14, 2012
Press Release, DNA of Creativity Grantees Announced, June,2012
City Beat, An App for finding local art, June 6, 2012
Video of Information Meeting, May, 31, 2012
Press Release, DNA of Creativity Takes Shape, April 18, 2012
Ornament Magazine Announcements and Events,, Issue 34.5, Aug, 2011
Biocom Institute's Biocommunique Newsletter, July 21, 2011
Press Release DNA Information Meeting Jan, 2012

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

San Diego Grants for Art and Science projects

La Jolla Community Foundation 2014 Grants

The La Jolla Community Foundation (LJCF) is in its first grant cycle and invites nonprofits serving La Jolla to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to express interest in applying for a grant ($20 K available) during the 2014-15 grant cycle. The Foundation will be accepting LOI’s for projects that focus on arts and / or science. Priority consideration will be given to projects that combine both arts and science. This grant cycle is committed to the financial support of organizations, projects and programs dedicated to improving the lives of those who live, work or attend school within the geographic boundaries of 92037. The deadline for submitting the LOI is Monday, June 23, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Monday, May 12, 2014

SciArt Magazine

There is a magazine dedicated to the combination of art and science. SciArt

Here is the statement by the editor: Julia Buntaine

Art and science have long shared a common ground; the ground of boundless inquiry about the nature of our existence. It has only been for the past few decades, however, that artists have turned their eye to the sciences as their sole source of artistic information, inspiration, and conceptualization. SciArt, or science-based art, is a quickly growing movement in the art world, with an increasing number of artists who hold doctorate degrees in the sciences, who are funded by the National Science Foundation, and who hold artistic residencies in scientific institutions such as CERN.     With science-based art having a strong presence in the UK and Berlin contemporary art scenes, I began to wonder: why it is that the SciArt community in the United States is barely established? Although SciArt is certainly happening in America, it remains scattered. I want to fix this. As a science-based artist myself, I see community as essential to our success because the methods, challenges, materials and goals of science-based art are new and unique, lying in uncharted art historical territory. It is through this online publication, featuring science-based art events, spaces, artists and conversations that I want to bolster science-art in America.

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